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  • Copyright/Infringement/Plagiarism
  • Intellectual Property
  • Royalty & Revenue Accounting and Distribution
  • Ancillary Rights
  • Defamation/Privacy
  • Unfair Competition

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Representative List of Reported Decisions

Vazquez v. Buhl, 150 Conn. App. 117 (Conn. App. 2014) (successful defense of broadcaster in libel suit based on § 230 of Communications Act);

Fasoli v. City of Stamford, 64 F. Supp. 3d 285 (D. Conn. 2014): Successful defense of City against claim of conspiracy to violate employee’s first amendment rights under Sec. 1983;

Tarzia v. City of Stamford, 2010 WL 4683929 (D. Conn. 2010) (defeating attempt to prevent hearing on ethical conduct of city official);

Finnelli v. Tepfer, 2009 WL 1424688 (Conn. Super. 2009) (summary judgment in favor of news organizations in defamation action);

Clark v. Hagedorn Communications, 2006 WL 1046036 (Conn. Super. 2009) (summary judgment in libel action against newspaper);

Slice of Pie Productions, LLC v. Wayans Bros. Entertainment, 2006 WL 2130734 (summary judgment in copyright infringement action);

City Recycling Inc. v. State, 257 Conn. 429 (Conn. 2001) (unconstitutionally of state statute);

Dow v. New Haven Independent, 549 A.2d 683 (Conn. Super. 1987) (summary judgment for newspaper in libel case brought by city official);

Connecticut Magazine v. Moraghan, 676 F. Supp. 38 (1987) (first amendment, striking gag order against trial participants);

Coudert v. Paine Webber, 705 F.2d 78 (2d Cir. 1983) (securities industry rules on post-employment defamation);

Yentsch v. Texaco, Inc., 630 F.2d 46 (2d Cir. 1980) (antitrust);

Cross v. Midtown Club, Inc., 365 A.2d 1227 (Conn. Super. 1976) (successful challenge on ultra vires grounds to refusal of private club to admit women); 

Donnelly v. Meskill, 345 F. Supp. 962 (D. Conn. 1972) (constitutional challenge to congressional district boundaries in Connecticut).